Saturday, April 9, 2011

Life – Challenges & disappointments

There’s been a lot going on lately and I have been trying to wrap myself around it.  I sit here numb, but not speechless. 

You know I don’t understand people.  Isn’t it funny how people will accuse you of being immature yet they are the ones showing their immaturity and are not wise enough to see it in themselves. 

How about those individuals who like to say you can’t let go of the past and you need to move forward – yet they are the ones that pick the specific events in life and throw them right back in your face.  Who is really not letting go of the past?

Doesn’t everything have at least two sides.  So why is it people want to pass judgment without hearing from all parties involved? 

What about those individuals that are so hung up on their idea of a problem or issue that they are blind to the real issue.  Which then causes more problems because they are defensive because of what they think the problem is.  Being blinded by the false problem and not being able to come to a true understanding. 

What about those individuals that are expecting a blow-up; therefore, their anticipation clouds the reality and causes the blow-up.  What’s the saying – if you expect it or are looking for something bad to happen, it will. 

I also love it when people want to claim you come crawling back to them and they welcome you with open arms.  No. 1 I don’t crawl. No. 2 if you welcomed with open arms then that should have come with forgiveness & forgetting.

I admit, I am human. I have made mistakes.  I acknowledge those shortcomings, but it pains me that some people close to me can’t see past the errors of my youth and still want to attack me for who I was and not who I am today.  I guess when you can’t change then how can you expect or even acknowledge someone else has changed.

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