Saturday, July 30, 2011

Date Night - ‘fail’

Well, last night was the first night in years we were without any kiddos.  We had planned to take advantage of it and have a well deserved ‘date night.’  The kids were all excited about their camping trip with the youth group and Jay & I were excited about dinner and a movie (Potter, finally!!)

We got the kids off and we headed into Pickerington.  In the distance we could see some rain, a potential summer storm. We even caught a glimpse of a full rainbow.  While we sat enjoying our dinner, the torrential down pours came with the severe lightning followed by instantaneous thunder. The sky was dark and it was scary. 

I was trying to locate the storm to were the kids were camping.  Of course, Jay tried to explain to me that the storm we were in was no where near the kids, who were approximately 45 miles southwest of where we were.  But my only thought was – we were 20 – 25 minutes from our home and the kids were still another 30-35 minutes southwest of that.  What if we were in the movie and someone wanted to come home or they all needed to come home.  It would take us a long time to get where we needed to be. 

Jay obviously could tell I was uneasy about going to the movie so, he used the excuse that we needed to go home and be with our other child, who is more afraid of the storms than the human children.  So, we drove back home and the lightning was so intense I was getting more nervous and anxious about the kids being outdoors in tents.  But as we got closer to our house, still in the thick of the storm, Jay pointed off to the west of us where the kids were camping and sure enough the sun was shining.  He assured me they were safe.  When we arrived home we were greeted by Chloe who was panting and pacing because of the storm. 

Kassi & I were keeping tabs on each other.  Finally a little before midnight, I received a text that they were having fun, but they were finally going to bed.  Today they were suppose to go boating & skiing, and then tonight they are having a camp fire – Jay is there, doing his pastor thing. 

I am so glad they are having a great time and really getting to know the youth of the church!  I guess we will all catch Potter later – the kids will be happy we didn’t get to see it before them. 

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