Sunday, August 21, 2011

A fun new look

Well, Kassi has been itching to color her hair again.  While living with Jay’s parents we opted not to color her hair because of the high iron in the well water.  There was one stipulation – she had to get her room unpacked, organized, and cleaned.  I thought that would be the motivator we needed; however, it took several weeks – well over seven before that room was ever done. 

Matter of fact, the hair coloring wasn’t the final motivator. She came home the other day after I had spent several hours with Mackenzie finalizing her share of the room and I told her she had to get the room done.  After three hours of piddling around & not seeing much progress, it was a simple threat and I meant business, “You have till tonight to get your room done & anything not unpacked and put away is being donated.  Because apparently if you have gone this long without it and you don’t miss it, well then you don’t need it.”

Believe it or not she succeeded and in plenty of time to go get the hair color so she could take care of it immediately.  Well, while we were there Mackenzie came across a color she wanted to put in her hair. 


Okay – at first I was NO.  But the longer Kassi looked for her color, the more I thought about it the more I thought ‘what’s the big deal?’ I mean hey it is her favorite color.  Well, we only left with color for Kassi.

After discussing it and weighing the pros and cons – which for us there was not a huge list for comparison, I mean Kassi started coloring her hair at 11 and well Mackenzie is 11.  Unlike the color that Kassi uses which is permanent, this funky purple at best would only last 6-8 weeks. 

I explained to Mackenzie she could do it, but if she didn’t like it there was nothing we could do and she would just have to let it grow out.  To get that vibrant lavender color the kit comes with a bleaching step, but I explained to her there would be NO bleaching.  She was cool with that so we went back and bought the color.

Here is a very excited little lady before . . .


during the process . . .


rinsing . . .


the final look.  It was a nice subtle almost magenta color, kind of cute on the spunky one. (check out Kassi’s new color)


Unfortunately, since we didn’t bleach her hair the color has lost a lot of its spunk.  It looks like some purple highlights in her hair.  We have decided once our summer is officially over – no more swimming – we’ll be a little more adventurous but not too drastic!

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Anonymous said...

Fun hair color Mackenzie! Happy Birthday Angela...hope it's a good one. Love, Gma Linda AKA Mom