Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Handmade gift

A gift from the heart.  As many of you know, Mackenzie is the crafty kid and she loves making things for others.  She has a creative giving heart, and I love that about her!!

She wanted to give her aunt a special wedding gift – something she could make.  We visited the library and checked out many crafty books.  She knew when she came across this idea – an apron made out of ties – she had found the perfect gift!  Her aunt loves collecting old aprons so what would be better than an uniquely made apron from her niece. 

The night was still young, but Mackenzie asked when they would be opening the gifts.  I explained to her that the gift opening would not happen that evening.  So she asked if she could ask Aunt Tiffany to open her gift while she was around.  Sure enough, my sis was delighted to open Mackenzie’s gift.


Mackenzie was excited to see her aunt wearing the homemade apron. 

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