Wednesday, January 18, 2012


gs cookies

Can you believe it is Girl Scout cookie time????

The sale kicked off this past weekend and Mackenzie wasn’t missing it!!  She made sure Jay had her out and about on the first day. She loves going out door to door and asking, “How many boxes would you like?” 

That was the best advice we ever got when Kassi was a Girl Scout selling cookies!  Never ask ‘if they would like to buy any,’ but ask ‘how many boxes they would like to buy.’  We have even had people tell us if she would have asked ‘if’ and not ‘how many’ then they would of just said “no.”  Mackenzie is awesome too, she even asks how many they would like to donate to the Gift of Caring program.  :)

She will be selling until sometime in March, but she is off to a great start.  She set her initial goal at 500 and will go up from there when she surpasses it.  She has already made it halfway to her initial goal. :)

gs cookie time2Nice job, Mackenzie!!  Keep up the awesome selling!!

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