Saturday, May 23, 2009

Brownies End of year recognition

Last night we got to see our Brownie in action.

Mackenzie's troop gathered last night for an end of the year recognition at the leader's house. It was such a nice evening.

The evening started with a flag ceremony. Here Mrs. Miller, the leader, is trying to get the girls situated so they can start.

After that, the girls read from note cards to share what they have done together this year. They did a lot of neat things. This year they scrapbooked, went horse back riding, visited an elderly friend (Mrs. Smith), put together a care box for the veterans, earned many try-its, went dancing, took an art class, and so many other things.

After they talked about all the neat things they did over the last year, they received things they have earned since their last recognition meeting in February. We tried to get as many try-its completed since we don't know what the troop situation will be like when we move. We still have several that Mackenzie only needs to finish one or two things for to earn, which now we'll be here a little longer so we'll keep working on them the next couple of months.

Mrs. Miller presented Mackenzie with her try-its and some other special things. She got her some very unique things for her vest to help her remember her time with her troop here in Ohio. My two favorites that she gave her were the "Ohio Girl" patch which is the shape of the state of Ohio and the "I Love My Leader" patch. Mackenzie sure loves her troop and her leader and I know she and I both are going to miss the special times she has with them.

After all the recognition was passed out, they closed with the friendship circle like they do for their meetings. Then we had cupcakes, cookies, brownies, and punch.

Thank you Margot for everything you do for these girls. I want to thank you too for always having a unique relationship with Mackenzie. You always made/make her feel comfortable in being at the meetings and at any outings you do as a troop. I think back to the first time the troop went horse back riding. She was so excited to go for the whole week and then when the day came to go she was in tears and didn't want to go, but you convinced me to let her come with her dad and before it was said and done she stayed with you and the troop for the afternoon - you even had enough lunch to share with her because she was so adamant she wouldn't stay we didn't send a sack lunch with her. THANK YOU for everything.

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Margot said...

This brought tears to my eyes! I am so glad that Mackenzie has had such a good Brownie experience. She reminds me so much of myself when I was her age. She and I have had a great time together and I am really going to miss her next year.