Monday, May 11, 2009

Our Nephew's baptism

The guest of honor, Odie, Sunday morning at New Hope Lutheran Church in Adamsville, Ohio. This was a special day. Not only was it Mother's day, but it was a day that the church pastor, who happens to be the uncle (and my husband), got to welcome another child of God into the church.

It was an unique experience for us to watch Jay baptize another, but it had more of an emotional tie for him as it was his nephew he got to baptize. Odie did a great job . . . no crying. After he baptizes and blesses the child, Jay likes to walk around the sanctuary and talk about what our role as the church is to each individual welcomed to the church family. We thought maybe he'd have a harder time walking around with Odie - the chunky monkey, but he did just fine sharing his nephew with the congregation.

After church, family and friends joined Odie at his home for food and fellowship. He is such a handsome little man. Love that smile.

Jay's sister drove over from Dayton, boy she had an early morning, to Adamsville for the baptism and she brought the twins, Princess and Lil' Man. We enjoyed seeing how big they have gotten. Zack truly enjoyed entertaining Lil' Man . . . he loves the little ones.
The food was good, the fellowship was great, and the memory is forever!

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