Sunday, May 17, 2009

Preparing for Mackenzie's cake

Tomorrow is Mackenzie's 9th birthday, and I have never made her a birthday cake. Cassie and Zack had many character cakes made for their birthdays. I made cakes for Cassie's birthday from her 2nd b-day till her 5th b-day and Zack only got cakes from his 1st b-day till her turned 3. By the way, I stopped making birthday cakes the year Mackenzie was born. For some reason, I never made one for her. What was I thinking??!!

Well, today Cassie and I broke out the fondant to make the decorations for Mackenzie's cake. I will put it together tomorrow. So if all goes well, and it comes together like I plan (hope) then I will show you a picture.

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