Monday, June 6, 2011

Makin’ it Hers . . .


Kassi was excited when we found this chest of drawers a few weeks ago at a garage sale.  I – well my pocketbook – was excited too because it was only $15!  What a GREAT find.  Yes, she already has a sturdy old chest of drawers that was handed down from her paternal grandfather.  However, it has been decided to repurpose that one, which she has had since she was born, into an armoire for her hanging clothes (a whole other project to come).


Anyway, it was time to give her new chest of drawers a personality that reflects HER.  As she found out, it is her project so she had to do it from start to finish, which included wiping out and off all the dirt and cobwebs.  YUCK!


Then she learned to trim the piece before she got to paint the body.





It turned out awesome!  She loves the colors, which I have to say the girls didn’t take too long to decide & agree on a color scheme for their room.  The colors here are Exotic Sea (teal blue), Mirabella (purple – on the feet), and Berry Pink.  What you don’t see is another color that will be added to other pieces in combination of these colors.  What color would you guess?  Well, I’ll tell you the name – Lime Burst.  Once we have the other pieces painted, which won’t be until they arrive from ND, we’ll post some more pictures. 

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Laura said...

Looks great! Good job! Love the hair cut too :)