Friday, September 3, 2010

Stormy weather . . .

If you may recall, three days before our trip back home in April we had a severe winter storm that knocked out power.  The kids and I hung around for a day, but then decided to leave two days earlier because we didn’t have power.

WELL . . .

three days before we were suppose to leave for our Ohio trip again we had back to back thunderstorms with severe lightning, hail, down pours, and wind.  Guess what.  It knocked the power out!!

Luckily it was only out for an hour – the first time – and less than an hour the second time.  We got one storm system that knocked it out and then the power company got it restored.  Then the second round of storm systems came through and we lost power again.  In about a five hour period, we had three different strong storm systems come through, and then when it was over you would have never known it had been a rough morning. 


Our huge St. Bernard, Chloe, is as terrified of the lightning and thunder as my children.  She found her safe place in the master bathroom (we had no power, so we used the natural light from my window).


This toad was funny to watch – he wouldn’t hop.  He kind of crawled across the sidewalk.


The rain would come in down pours and flooded our driveway.


In between storms, this toad found a safe place in the greens around our house.



Shortly after Zack put this little guy down, the third round of storms came through.  Because of the big open skies of N. Dakota, once one storm passed we could see where the next one was coming from – 100 miles away.  A little eerie!!

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