Wednesday, February 16, 2011

hangin’ out

You know finding your place in high school is hard enough, but throw in the mix that you are homeschooled.  Don’t get me wrong – we enjoy homeschooling, but as the kids get older it is so important that they are a part of something, have peers to hang with, peers to grow with, peers to agree to disagree with – you know, friends to develop lifelong relationships with.  These experiences and friendships will help them in the real world as adults. 

Kassi has started taking classes at another co-op that is geared more to high school – there are so many kids!!  It’s a little intimidating, especially when you only know a handful of people.  A couple of the kids we have known over the years as they were piano students of my mil and a couple take classes at another co-op we are members of, but that’s it. 

How do you get to know more people?  Well, you invite the ones you know to come over and have them bring a few friends. 

The other night Kassi had several home school high schoolers – some from co-ops & others she knows - to come and hang out – play Wii games, board games, guitars.  They played Twister, the Wii, and their guitars (there were at least four guitars).  At one point there was singing coming from the basement.  How cool is that!!


At one point the girls made it upstairs because M wanted to see the ‘pony’ as she called our precious Chloe Bear.  So, we had her feed her a treat & she was tickled to . . .


. . . she even got down on the floor with her. 


Jenna, A, and Alyssa were having a good time playing Just Dance 2. 


I’m glad Kassi was able to have some friends over – reconnect with some old & meet some new. 

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