Thursday, April 22, 2010

Etiquette Tea Party

Mackenzie has been away for seven months, but she was still invited to join her old Brownie troop for their April meeting.  She was so excited to still be included. 

The meeting was full of information.  The first part of the meeting was dedicated to a presentation from a lady that works with The Red Thread in Haiti.  The troop had coordinated a bake sale at co-op and the money they raised they decided to give to help those in Haiti.  The lady came to share photos and stories with the girls so they knew where the money they raised went.

After the presentation on Haiti, the girls gathered upstairs for their etiquette tea party to work towards their manners try-it.




Cassie and Cynthia, big sisters to girls in the troop, dressed up and served the girls.


Mrs. Miller went to great lengths to make sure everything was properly set.  Each girl had a place card, all the dinnerware, and the utensils they would need during a formal meal. 








DSCF5090 Their first lesson was how to place the linen napkin on their lap and the proper way to ‘dab’ not wipe their mouth clean. 

DSCF5091After learning to dab, they learned the proper way to pass bread and then how to butter it.  Did you know you are not suppose to butter the whole piece at one time? You are suppose to break off each individual bite and butter it as you eat it.


DSCF5096 After the bread and butter was served, it was time to serve the tea.  Mrs. Miller asked all the girls to try the tea, but then she had punch or water for those who didn’t want to drink tea the whole time.  She also explained what to do if you did not want something or did not like something tasted. 






Mrs. Miller talked about what each dish on the table was used for, and since there wasn’t a salad being served, the girls used the salad plate for cucumber, egg salad, or chicken salad sandwiches.  




DSCF5106 After the sandwiches were passed out, there was fresh fruit and fruit tarts shared.


When the girls were done with their salad plates, Mrs. Miller explained to them how to signal to a server that they are done with the plate and it can be removed.  With the fork tines always up, placing the fork at 4 o’clock lets the server know you are done and the dish can be removed. 

After the salad plates were removed, the desserts came out, and there were so many! There were cannoli, little petit’ cakes, chocolate covered strawberries, iced sugar cookies, and ice cream served in little terra cota planters to look like a planted flower. 




DSCF5109Mackenzie had a great time seeing all the girls and being a part of the troop, again, for a day. 

DSCF5112 Mackenzie and Lily


After the tea party and Brownie meeting was over, Kyle returned from his day downtown.  When he walked and I saw him a suit I had to get his picture.  He looked so handsome and grown-up; I asked him to stand with Cassie and Cynthia so I could get their picture together.  He was dressed just right to have joined in on the tea party had it not been over. 

It was such a great afternoon.  Mackenzie had a great time visiting with the girls, and learning something new.  I enjoyed the adult conversation and helping in the kitchen with clean-up. 

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Anonymous said...

What a neat thing to do.... something all girls should know! So good Mackenzie and Cassie could be a part of it and Mrs Miller spent a lot of time on something wonderful for all of them! GMA Linda