Saturday, April 10, 2010

Family fun

Well, when we planned this weekend shower we were hopeful that many would come!!  The last time I saw my aunts, uncles, and cousins was Dec. 2008, which it had been seven years before that.  Unfortunately, I don't get back to the St. Louis area often so seeing my extended family is a pleasure when I get the opportunity!!  When I got word who was making the trip to my mom's I was excited and very thankful for them showing their support because it isn't a quick trip for them either. 

So here's the head count at my mom's . . . mom and dad, Aunt Denise, Aunt Diane, Sherri, Kayla, Hannah, Aunt Janet, Aunt Joan, Uncle Clem, Mindy, Garret, Cassie, Zack, Mackenzie, & me.  At Tiffany & Chad's house they are hosting Melissa & Jackie. 

When we returned from decorating Tiffany's house for the shower yesterday, the first van full had just arrived.  Here my sister is getting a massage from my cousin Sherri's little girl, Hannah.   

Matt & Tiffany Jane came over for sloppy joes, so afterwards Zack got Uncle Matt to play the Wii with him. 

Some of the family hung outside . . . Tiffany, Chad, Cassie, Melissa, Mackenzie & Jackie.

Hannah was playing with the ball when it popped, so she decided she was a "chick" in a cracked egg.  LOL - so cute!!

Mom & Dad

Twins, Aunt Diane & Aunt Denise, and Aunt Janet missing her other half (twin, Aunt Joan).

Hannah graciously performed her "Party in the USA" dance.  So afterwards, Cassie & Jackie decided to join in the fun!!

Tiffany, Mackenzie, & Melissa

A big thing that happens when we get together . . . Scrabble.  We were wating the arrival of the Radins.  The first round was Aunt Denise, Aunt Janet, my mom & dad.  Dad won - a from behind victory.  When Uncle Clem arrived it was time for the second round with mom, dad, Uncle Clem and Aunt Joan.  Apparently, dad won his second from behind victory.  We'll see who plays and wins tonight!!

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