Thursday, April 29, 2010

Skate Park Fun

Cassie has been so wanting to try out a skate park since she has become comfortable on her skateboard.  In downtown Pickerington, at Sycamore Creek Park they have a skate park.  We were there earlier in the week and the kids had looked forward to trying it out after they had their pictures taken.

Well, when we got done with having their pictures taken – our friend does it, and she used the covered bridge and the train tracks as the background – anyway, when we were done, the Picktown kids had gotten out of school and there were some boys already at the skate park. The girls weren’t comfortable enough to go over so while I visited with Kristi, the girls skated around in the shelter area and the boys went down to the creek.

When we left we decided to meet up later in the week and to meet early enough that the school kids wouldn’t scare our kids off from the park.  The kids were all looking forward to trying out the skate park, but Cassie was the only one with a skateboard.  THANK YOU, Kristi & kids!!  They brought all their skateboards, rip sticks, and scooters.  They all had a great time, but I think they were a little scared at first.  Apparently, those ramps are more intimidating than they look.



The kids thought they would race down one of the small ramps.


Cassie tried to cross the ramps on the scooter.




The kids decided that it would be a lot easier to go down on their bums. So that is how they started on the ramps.  What was so funny was when Cassie reached the bottom she flew off backwards off the skateboard and landed on her bum. LOL


The kids had a really good time.  They skated around, up and down, and up and over. 

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