Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hangin’ Out with Family

We had a visitor!!  We like having visitors from afar.  A couple of months ago, my cousin who lives in Illinois came through on her way to a summer job in Montana.  Over the years, we have been able to stop and rest at my aunt’s in Illinois when we would travel to and from my mom’s.  So, we got to play role reversal – my aunt was on her way to see my cousin in Montana so she traveled and stayed with my mom a couple of days and then she traveled and stayed with us for a couple of days.

Of course she brought goodies – bags full of clothes for this kids and books.  It was like X-mas going through the bags of hand me down clothes – we love hand-me-downs!!!  Lots of usable things for them – Thank you Aunt Janet, Jackie, and Michael. 


The kids couldn’t let her visit without playing Doodle Dice, which was a game they played at her house with my cousin.  The kids love this game!!



We decided to Skype with Jackie in Montana.  We got to see her new little kitty that has a broken tail that looks like a lightning bolt.  It was neat to see her little cubby-bunk area with the pictures and postcards hanging on the wall.  She even had some pictures and engraving art hanging on the wall that Mackenzie sent her.


Mackenzie loves putting puzzles together and she talked Aunt Janet into doing some with her.



Then they decided to color.  Cassie had called and wanted to chit chat, but everyone was busy – the girls coloring, Zack playing the Wii, and Jay & I were getting dinner together.  Once Cassie found out Aunt Janet and Kenzie were coloring she wanted to join in the fun and conversation too.  So, we Skyped her into our evening activities – see the picture above she is in the top left corner. It was actually kind of nice because we could have a casual conversation while we were doing our own things she even colored some pictures and shared them with us.


After dinner, Mackenzie showed/taught Aunt Janet how to crochet.  She actually crocheted two book marks and then started a scarf. 

It was a very nice visit.  Unfortunately when she travels back to Illinois she is going a different route so we won’t get to see her.  We will get to see her in late August when we travel to St. Louis with my mom & sis for her other daughter’s bridal shower.  We’re looking forward to that weekend – a bridal shower, a baby shower, and my birthday!!  Well, we won’t be celebrating my birthday, but at least I can claim it.

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