Saturday, July 3, 2010



This year, Columbus celebrated the 30th year of Red, White & BOOM!  This is the largest fireworks display in the midwest.  The kids and I have never been downtown to see one live, but Jay did as a kid.  His dad worked at the gas company and they would get to go and park on the top of the company parking garage, and then they’d have one of the best seats in town for the festivities.  Shortly after Jay and I married, his dad retired so we didn’t have that opportunity to take the kids to a designated area.  You see there are oodles of people who come from all over to watch this display and we never felt comfortable taking the kids down there.

So, we have always watched it in the comfort of our own living room and we have enjoyed them just the same.  Plus the kids never really enjoyed the loud booms – we did venture out a few times to watch local community displays and they would get upset with the loud noise.  So we just found it easier to stay home.  We probably got a better view than a lot that are in the midst of the crowds and we didn’t have a two hour plus drive home.  Once the show was over we could put the kids in bed.

Friends started talking about the upcoming Red, White & BOOM on their blogs and Facebook and a devastating thought came to mind - we weren’t going to be able to watch it . . . or were we!?!?!

Well, I did some internet searching and then decided to leave it up to Jay.  To our surprise and great joy, we were able to watch it from the comfort of our own living room.  No, not on television, but on the internet courtesy of . . .





OOOOOOOOOhhh . . .








Every year I would take pictures of the kids watching it on TV and this year was no different.  I will have plenty to scrapbook for this 4th of July. 

Our favorite TV anchors - Colleen, Ally, Cabot, and Mike - wrapped it up after the 24 minute display, which was accompanied by a great soundtrack.  The music included military tributes, patriotic songs, classics, and even some new artists.  Of course, it wouldn’t be the same without including a snippet of “Hang-on-Sloppy.”


Great job NBC4, WNCI 97.9, and Pepsi!!  It was nice to have a little bit of home in our ND living room for this great holiday celebration.  Thank you.

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