Saturday, July 31, 2010

Who needs to shave???

I sent the kids in to clean – not just pick up, but CLEAN – their bathroom which also serves as the hall bath.  Anyway, the next thing I know Mackenzie was all giddy.  First, she was sitting on the floor with the toilet brush stirring it in the toilet bowl like it was a caldron – and she wanted me to see, but I was not allowed to photo.  The next thing I know she is standing in front of me with this . . .


Apparently she had figured out one pump of her body wash mixed with two pumps of the hand soap gave her the best soapy sudsy mix to make herself a beard.


Once Zack realized it wasn’t the bathroom cleaner, he joined in on the fun.  No, not the cleaning of the bathroom, just the facial suds!!


Mackenzie then perfected it with a mustache.  She was so proud of herself.


Since we were Skyping with Cassie, she too decided to join in on the fun.  But the bubble suds just weren’t the same quality.

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