Thursday, December 9, 2010

Building Birthday gifts

Give him some birthday money and he buys Legos.  He LOVES building Legos.

It is hard to believe in three days, Zack will be a teenager – a TEENAGER!!  These pictures are well overdue because when Jay was here in November we celebrated Zack’s pending birthday.  We typically try to celebrate it around Thanksgiving so it doesn’t get lost around the Christmas holiday hustle and bustle. 

This year we gave him a little cash and took him out to eat at Olive Garden.  His Grandma & Grandpa Jackson gave him his birthday money too so when we went out shopping he could get what he was looking for.  

Have you ever seen a wish list of ALL Legos?  I know they have so many different sets, but seriously I would think there would be something else on the list.  What amazes me is the fact that he can build the set within no time. 




I didn’t get a picture of the final project, but he wanted me to take pictures of some of his other projects.



This is suppose to be a  replica of the Addy Gild from ‘Whale Wars’ which he built completely with no written directions.  When you remove the top, it looks like the inside with beds, people, etc.  I see an engineer in our future. 

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