Saturday, March 27, 2010

A trip to the ER

Well, I just wanted to share with you all a scare we had the other night.  For several days I have been having some pains and discomfort in the left side of my chest, breast area and into my shoulder.  I remember starting to complain about it on Monday evening, more like I'd get a twinge and I'd grab that area.  The pain would be minimal in the morning upon waking up and just gradually become more throughout the day and by night I'd go to bed hoping to sleep it off.  By Wednesday afternoon Cassie was telling me I should go to the doctor, and by Wednesday night so was Jay.  I thought maybe I had pulled a muscle or something over the weekend and just kept ignoring, as best as I could, the pain/discomfort.  I really didn't want to go to the doctor No. 1, IF there is something wrong it might prohibit us from going on our upcoming (much needed) trip and No. 2, I haven't even established care with a primary doctor so I didn't even know who to go to.

Unfortunately, the pain was getting worse and not better as the days were going, but I just didn't want to have to go to the doctor.  But by midnight on Thursday evening the pain was more intense, I was having trouble breathing, I had had a couple of dizzy spells, and my shoulder felt like it was on fire.  I was really scared now.  So, Jay woke Cassie and he took me to the emergency room.

Long story short . . . they hooked me up to an EKG, drew blood, monitored my blood pressure and pulse, took a chest x-ray, and gave me moraphine for the pain, which didn't help so about 30 min. later gave me some other pain med that took the edge off and I was able to start to rest.  Not sure how long I was there, but the good news was they ruled out ALL life threatening issues.  I wasn't having a heart attack and a blood clot had been ruled out.  Okay, but I was still in pain and no clear explanation. The doctor said the only thing left for them to do was a CAT scan to see a better picture of the lungs and heart to see if there was something they missed.  The doctor had mentioned some other possibilities for the pain like pleurisy or another form of inflammation.  I asked if it could be anxiety, but believe me I'm pretty sure it is more than that because of the time frame of the pain.  Well, I did not then nor now want a CAT scan done so we opted to go home and call a primary doctor first thing.

So, yesterday I had an appointment with a primary doctor.  The pain is still there. Sometimes I have difficulty breathing - definitely when I take a deep breath, but nothing like the other night.  She discussed with me all me tests from the ER, which were all good.  My blood pressure yesterday was even good, which it's been elevated off and on over the past nine months (now that I'll give to being stress related!!).  I did explain to her at times, especially when I talk for a while or read school work with the kids, I have to stop and concentrate on breathing because I feel short of breath.  Because of my symptoms still present and the shortness of breath and the fact that I am going out of town for over a month, I go Monday morning for an echocardiogram.

She did tell me that the pain and discomfort could be caused by inflammation of the heart.  I did have a sinus infection a few weeks ago that I self medicated, so she said the infection could have moved and settled there.  So, for now there is no true explanation for the pain, discomfort, and difficulty breathing.  BUT all the bad things - immediate life threatening things - have been ruled out.  For now, I am trying to get rest - the only time it really doesn't bother me is when I am lying down, but I can't lay on my left side - and the doctor told me to take ibuprofen for the next week to help with any inflammation that might be present.

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Laura said...

Sorry to hear all this. Hope your appointment goes well :)