Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Closing out the session

In the spring when we came to visit, we attended showcase as guests seeing what the students, our friends, had completed and achieved during the session.  This time was different, it was our first experience as participants of co-op’s showcase.  In the years past, it just didn’t fit in our schedule.  Not only was it our first time at Showcase – kids performing & work on display, but Jay was able to attend too.  :)

To kick off the evening performances, the Shakespeare production class performed a couple of scenes from Much Ado About Nothing.


Kassi did an excellent job as the narrator delivering the opening and closing monologues. 





There are several music classes for the kids.  It was a great pleasure to listen to the little kids sing and then play the bells.


Several students also had solo performances – piano pieces, singing, reciting.  Kassi’s friend Alyssa shared her love of music with us all.


The older kids have a guitar class and a choir.


Kassi loves singing, so she was so excited to be a part of such a group. The choir did a beautiful job!  Kassi is already looking forward to next session’s choir class – she’s even hoping to be able to participate at both co-ops.



Mackenzie had so many things on display.  Above she is next to the sewing class table and below she is amongst the art history class work.  Mackenzie’s pieces of art include the sunflower stain glass diagonally to her right and the the ‘Screamer’ piece on her left shoulder. 


For now the co-op is closed, but will resume again in the new year.  We are looking forward to another session full of learning and positive experiences. 

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