Monday, November 22, 2010

Marshmallow Fun

Okay, really??

The kids, okay the girls and that 41 year old of mine, decided trying to catch marshmallows was the best way to pass their time. 

The other day when we were preparing our Thanksgiving feast, my husband was instructed to put marshmallows on the sweet potatoes.  He isn’t a fan of sweet potatoes so he thought he’d find a better use for the marshmallows – good thing I bought a big bag.


Not sure why Kassi thought it would be easier to catch them if she kneeled on the ground. 



Mackenzie was even trying.


Finally, Kassi decided to stand up and try.  I think that’s when they perfected the marshmallow toss & catch game.  However, I am still finding miniature marshmallows all over the place. 

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