Sunday, August 8, 2010

In our back pasture . . .


This is Angel (black bridle) and Missy (red bridle).  No, they are not our horses – I know three kids that wish they were – they are a neighbor’s horses. 

When we arrived in ND, almost a year ago, the first night in our home, which we rent, a neighbor came around and asked if he could use the fields to pasture some of his horses.  Of course, Jay checked with our landlord and there wasn’t a problem.

We hadn’t heard anything else until about two weeks ago when the neighbor stopped by to make sure it was still okay.  Then last week he came over and fixed the fence line and got the top line wired – yeah, an electric fence for the goof balls in my house. LOL. 

Today we got some new tenants . . .


They were a little spunky at first.  Apparently, they’ll zap themselves a time or two on the fence.  They would run from one side of the field to the other and then back again. 



They are both four year old females.  Missy is already broke, so she is ride able and apparently for sale – don’t get any ideas, Bubba.  The owner is going to hay our other field and then bring over a training ring where he will work with Angel. 



They checked out all their new area to roam.  This picture is up on the other side of the field.  They were loving the green grasses to eat.  Their owner said they will probably groan some tonight because of upset stomachs from all the green lush grasses.


Horses are a great bonding tool – Jay and the kids, along with the horses’ owners went over to meet our other neighbors whose property is along the pasture too.  (I had been lounging all morning and I was finishing up getting ready.)  I did get to talk a little with Mrs.. B when we introduced them to our ‘horse’ – Chloe. LOL.






I have to say, after standing within an arms reach of these magnificent animals, my puppy is NOT the size of a horse – maybe a miniature pony.


Mackenzie really enjoyed go out and watching them and they seemed to like her.  They would come up to her.




Mackenzie guided them over to the water tank and after checking it out they decided to drink.  I guess they won’t need much water since the field is green.



They are beautiful animals.  We are always amazed and love seeing them when we drive down the road – they are everywhere around here.  But now we can just sit on our back deck and enjoy them.  They will hang out in our field until November.

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Laura said...

I grew up with horses and I agree....gorgeous animals! So much fun too! I hope you all get plenty of opportunity to ride and enjoy those beauties :)