Sunday, August 15, 2010

What is that . . .

Yesterday, my cousin arrived on her way home from Montana.  Since she was passing through we invited her to break her trip up and stay with us.  No since in driving 15 hours to her next stop – stop and enjoy some time with family!!

Well, while she was in Montana she acquired a new pet . . . a kitty named Astronaut Mike Dexter – named from a character on “30 Rock” – but she calls him Dex or Dexter.  He is the cutest and very playful critter we’ve had around here in a while. 

The kids were excited and enjoyed entertaining him BUT we had one family member that wasn’t too sure about him.


When he arrived, Chloe was in the basement and she kept barking (she won’t come up the steps – we have to walk her around from the walkout basement).  Finally, Jay brought her up and she was more excited about  Jackie and hadn’t realized there was something/someone strange in her house. 

As you can see in the picture above, Chloe was actually hanging out with Jackie when Dex came out from cover.  Believe it or not our HUGE dog stood up, backed away from the kitty, and whined and whimpered because of Dex.  She was SCARED of him!  LOL!!!


She kept close to the kids, even sitting on the couch for security.



Finally, she got up close while Dex wasn’t looking. 


But once he realized she was close he was making sure she knew he wasn’t to be bothered!!  Eventually, Chloe would just stay away and Dex made himself at home . . .






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