Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mackenzie’s music box

Mackenzie was one of several students that continued to take violin lessons over eight weeks of summer break.  Mrs. Person, their teacher, challenged them to see who would practice the most summer hours. 

I explained that it probably wasn’t a fair competition to include Mackenzie because we school year round and part of the school day includes practicing.  She said that it was fair and that each student could decide to do the same and practice through out the summer. 

Well, Mackenzie racked up over twenty-two hours to tally in the most practice time.  There was a first place winner and a second place winner.  Mackenzie, the first place winner, won this . . .



She loves this little music box piano.  Most of all, she loves Mrs. Person.  She has really learned a lot from her and has enjoyed taking lessons from her.  It would seem that Mrs. Person has enjoyed having Mackenzie too.  She continues to challenge Mackenzie with pieces not normally introduced so early.  Apparently, Mackenzie is always up to the challenge.  Best part – I love listening to Mackenzie play!!!!

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