Thursday, August 19, 2010

thankful thursday & our countdown . . .

Well, the countdown has begun!!  In 18 days we will finally get to see- well, more than see, we’ll get to touch, hug, and kiss Cassie.  When we finally see her on Sept. 6th, it will have been 157 days since Jay has been in her physical presence and 127 days since Zack, Mackenzie & I have been in her physical presence. 

The last time Jay got to hug his oldest daughter was on April 2nd and the kids and I last hugged her on May 2nd.  We are so thankful for Skype because we have been able to see her every day and multiple times a day.  I’m sure had we not had that technology available to us, this would have been a little more miserable for us – all of us!! 

I don’t blame her for not being homesick and not wanting to leave.  She  has been busy volunteering at the zoo, hanging out with neighbor friends, making new friends, reconnecting with home school friends, and helping with her younger cousins. 

We have missed her tremendously, but I am truly thankful that she has had the best summer of her life.  Being a teenager is hard enough and that is why I am so thankful for family and friends opening their hearts and homes to her so she could have a very memorable summer. 

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