Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Thank Goodness

Today was a much better day! I slept just fine last night with my post op shoe to keep my toe protected.  When I woke up and checked out my toe it looked way better than initially after yesterday’s mishap.  I had no problems showering and dressing – the pain, well what pain –was pretty nonexistent.  The only reminisce of my broken pinky toes was the bruising at the base of the toe.  I told Jay I was so hoping since the toe seemed to move back to its normal position maybe they wouldn’t have to put a pin in it or do anything at all to it.

Today’s visit to the podiatrist was very successful!!  Of course, the doctor had to tease me and call me ‘Grace,’ but when it was all said and done, he didn’t have to put a pin in it. 

He blew up the x-ray image and showed me the oblique break.  To put it simply without being too grotesque, the bone is broke with a 2-3 mm opening at the widest point of the break on the right side of the bone, but it is still connected on the left side of the bone which is why it didn’t require a pin.  He said in order to get a referral for a broken pinky toe I must have done a doozey on it.  He concurred, but said it was not the worst he has seen. 

So his nurse placed a foam splint between the broken toe and its neighbor and then buddy taped them.  I will have to do this every day for the next two weeks.  I go back two weeks from today – the day before we leave for our trip to Ohio – for a follow up x-ray.  Hopefully everything will be a-okay and I pass with flying colors.  Because vacay – Ohio- here we come!! 

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Laura said...

So happy for you! Hopefully your healing will progress quickly and with any hiccups!