Sunday, May 23, 2010

Family Visitor

On our way home, we got to visit with my aunt and uncle who live in the Champaign-Urbana, IL.  We are very glad that we have family along the way home because it gives us a safe homey place to rest and visit during trips. 

Well, earlier this week I learned that my cousin would be traveling to Montana and staying there for the summer while she researches grasshoppers.  I knew she was staying with my parents in Iowa one night, but I didn’t know where she was going from there. 

After doing some research, I learned that being in Bismarck means I am only four hours from her final destination.  I phoned her and asked what way she was traveling and if she had a place to stay because if not she was more than welcome to come and stay the night with us. 

She made her way north and spent two nights with us.  We had a great time having her here and I am thankful we could give her a safe homey place to rest on her journey.  We made sure to let her know that anytime she wants to come and stay with us she is more than welcome – it’s nice to have family close by!

tick tack toe

The kids were excited for Jackie to be here because she sat and played games with them.  There favorite game, right now, is called Doodle Dice and Jackie introduced them to it on our visit to IL.



She even went for a walk in the thicket in the back field to watch some birds and try to identify some.

back thicket

She helped identify this brown thrasher.


The night before she left, we broke out the indoor campfire and had s’mores.


We hope Jackie has a fun summer in Montana, but we also hope she doesn’t have too much fun because then she’ll want to come visit sooner than later!

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