Thursday, May 13, 2010

Styling the Pink Hat

When we saw Princess for the first time in months, something looked very familiar about her - besides the obvious.  At first glance it took a minute or two to figure it out, but then I finally realized it was the cute adorable pink engineer hat she was wearing. 

You see, Mackenzie had picked that very hat out last Father's Day weekend, when we took a day trip to Hocking Hills Valley and we went to the Hocking Valley Scenic Railway. 

Over the last few months, since our move out of Jay's parents' house, Jay's mom has found things here and there that we have left behind.  Well, this hat was one that was left behind, but it never caught anyone's eye until Princess spent some extended time at Grandma's house a few weeks ago.  She found it on the coat rack (which is used as a hat rack) and in the short time that she has had the hat she has fell in love with it.

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