Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mackenzie turns double digits

The littlest one of the Jackson house has a big day today.  She turned, as of 1:17 a.m., double digits. In our house, we celebrate all birthdays, but to make it fun we make a big deal about golden birthdays (turning 22 on the 22nd) and the double digit one (down the road, actually next year for Cassie) we’ll make a big deal about the sixteenth b-day. 
Anyway, today is Mackenzie’s birthday.  She has been a delight to grow up with and I am so looking forward to the years that lie ahead, but till then let’s look back at the last few years . . .

DSCF1821 (1)
Today, is her day.
Happy 10th
We love you very much!


Laura said...

Happy Birthday, Mackenzie!

Jennifer James said...

Hope you have a wonderful b-day Mackenzie!!!