Saturday, May 8, 2010

We made it Back

Well, yesterday was a semi-long day of travel.  I have to say we made very good time.  I really wasn’t sure how long it would take to get from my mom’s to our house considering on our way to my mom’s (5 weeks ago) I made a wrong turn in Fargo and went 34 miles north so it added some extra time to our trip out. 

Plus with the forecasted weather I wasn’t sure how the driving conditions would be.  Of course, we had thought about coming back a day early, but with the pending snow and winter weather advisory, it was recommended for the kids & I not to travel until yesterday.  Of course, the storm system didn’t follow it’s original projected schedule or line, so our travels yesterday were not clear skies. 
In case you missed it, this is what Jay woke up to yesterday morning . . .
snow in may
. . . needless to say I was not looking forward to going/coming back to a winter wonderland. 

The game plan was to leave my parents no later than nine in the morning, that way I wouldn’t feel rushed out the door (possibly forgetting things) and being all flustered, plus we wanted to get to see Jay a little bit once we arrived before he had to leave for an evening at First.  We made awesome strides, the kids got up with no problem (they were very anxious to finally see daddy) and they were ready for our drive back to ND. I wasn’t looking forward to the drive because I highly dislike driving on wet roads – snowy or rain covered. 

When we left the CB area we were packed to the gills, but well prepared so we only had to make minimal stops for gas and potty breaks.

One last photo with Grandma . . .
before climbing into our fully packed van.
We left one child and three suitcases in Ohio – good thing because I’m not sure where she would have fit.  OK, if she had wanted to come back with us, I definitely would have made room. 

When we left the CB area it was quite chilly, miserably damp, and gloomy outside, which was good because it made it easier to leave and head back.  If it had been a nice sunny warm day, I’m not too sure we would have been so willing to leave!! LOL

The drive was pretty much uneventful.  We ate in the van (stocked the cooler with Lunchables and had plenty of other snacks), we only made four stops – three of which were combo gas/potty breaks and one rest area, and we made it back to our house in less than nine hours.

However, I did have to drive through crap weather and wet roads – thankfully they weren’t too wet and the rain never hampered my driving, but the wind was ridiculous (I had to keep two hands on the wheel at all times). 
We did drive through rain . . .
and once we got west of Fargo, we actually drove through some quick snow showers.  When we got past Jamestown we actually saw snow on the ground . . .
But I have to say, when we had Bismarck in our sights . . .
we knew we were just minutes away from seeing Jay.

The kids were so excited when we pulled into the drive.  Mackenzie was unbuckled, out the van door, and into her dad’s arms in a flash.  It was the best sight to see her jump up, wrap her legs around his waist, and just give him the biggest squeeze she could.
After we said our hellos, we ate a quick dinner and then they headed out for the evening.  While they were gone, I unpacked and did some laundry.  When they got home around 9:40 p.m. they wanted to watch a movie (The Tooth Fairy) with dad and here is what they looked like just before bed . . .
Mackenzie fell asleep so daddy had to carry her to her bed.

It is definitely nice to be back with Jay. We missed him very much.

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Drama Kween said...

Kenzie doesn't look like she's sleeping. It looks staged. lol
Love ya!
<3 Bubba <3