Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mowing together

While we were home, Zack got to help both his grandpas mow grass.  I thought it was just because he hadn’t had the opportunity to do it and now that he got his fix the novelty would be gone.   Well, when we got back to Biz the lawn definitely needed to be mowed, but apparently our push mower didn’t survive the move – it leaks gas.

Jay put out a public plea at church last week and fortunately a member offered the use of his riding and push mowers.  So, Jay showed Zack how to start and run the push mower and gave him the job of trimming or mowing areas Jay couldn’t get to with the riding mower.  As a safety measure, Mackenzie dug out the safety goggles for Zack to wear – a little sis watching out for her big bro!



After a while, Mackenzie wanted to try and mow too.  So, down in the backyard where it is flat and not rocky, Zack showed Mackenzie how to keep a straight line and how to mow.  He was such an awesome big brother, he walked with her and instructed her, but then he cut her loose so she could do a few swipes herself. 



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